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IchiRuki sort-of song

Hey Kid... Your time has come to change
Though I need you more than I've needed anyone in any way tonight
Hey Kid... I know it won't be long
The Captain's calling...come to see you back where we belong

Something inside me is breaking
jump!Collapse )

supermodels that don't look like boys

surprisingly they have breasts:

Alessandra Ambrosio
Laetitia Casta
Emanuela DePaula
Adriana Lima
Gisele Bundchen
Miranda Kerr
Marisa Miller
Ana Beatriz Barros
Bar Rafaeli
Raica Oliveir


Love Me If You Dare

Jeux d'enfants (Child's Game)

i think i had ... 4 hours of sleep, and 2 hours prior to that i had to lie awake and will me to stop thinking about what i just saw.  i couldn't sleep, perhaps it has something to do with how my brain was wired or my past experience/s that this movie triggered.

an interview transcript with Yann Samuell (Director & Writer):

though he says he feels this love is platonic, i would like to think otherwise.  La Vie en Rose is romantic.

i guess if Julien never said "game" to Sophie as she asked him to "love" her, they would have probably fallen in love the usual way.

some would say they probably never made love, but how could Julien play with Sophie's undergarments just like that?  She also says she had done 'it' with someone and this someone was her 2nd choice...who was her first choice anyway?  She was also distracted when Julien deliberately flirted with a female student as she takes her Math exam.  To soothe her hurt and get back at the woman because she was jealous, she made him take her earrings and he did just as she wanted -- he made the woman feel stupid and easy.

i find this love frustrating.  how could they let each other marry another much less sleep with someone else?  4 years after Sophie tells him he couldn't hurt her, he does.  i honestly think this brakes her.

Julien didn't live up to Sophie's dare; he said 'yes' to the woman beside him by the altar. in a desperate attempt, Sophie makes a scene, telling everyone she is his fiancee, which just fails because he gets married anyway.

as if to double dare Julien, Sophie keeps him waiting for her.  he made her wait for 4 years, so she made him wait for 10 years.  Julien was obviously missing her.  he watches sophie's husband play soccer on tv because he reminds him of her, and he hates this soccer guy big time.  the day she sends him mail, close to tears, he wishes her to be by his door.

how can it not be love?  Sophie never said "i love you" to her husband and Julien has never listened to his wife for 10 years!

could it be that Julien could just not make the bride, the other woman, cry the day of the wedding that he said yes to her at Sophie's expense?

i'd like to think the ending as a happy one.  majority says they buried themselves in concrete, which i think would be in-character for them to do, but how could a dead person narrate a story?  i don't know maybe they did die; it's a story anyway, so dead a person can do practically anything he wants, and the cinematography when showing their old selves seems dream-like to me.

If you read the song translation above the cut, you'd think about the ending.  btw, i also remember that it was Sophie's turn to make a dare, so i wonder if being buried in concrete was her doing?

This one reminds me of the manga Watashi no Megane-kun.  It 's like the movie "Jude," i couldn't get it off my head.  it's like eating a sumptuous cake and finding a cockroach at the bottom -- WTF, who the hell cares, it tasted good and nearly finished the thing.  So do you eat the cockroach too?

by the way, i saw this earlier today for the 2nd/3rd time.  guess what? i cried!  i guess i was too shocked to actually absorb its meaning the first time :D

Jessica Stam - Jodi Sta. Maria

Don't they look alike?

Jessica Stam

Jodi Sta. Maria
Actress & Commercial Model


Dream My Guilt Away

i almost never feel any emotions when dreaming and very rare do i feel anything as well when i wake up after.  i just realized earlier that i can recall 2 particular dreams where i felt something...that is guilt.

in this one dream i had, i played a doctor and was about to finish sewing the patient's brain during surgery but before actually completing the task, i got a phone call and had to take it.  guess what?  i forgot to get back to the patient!  i interpret this as my guilt over not calling my father when i promised him i would the day before i dreamed the dream.

the second dream happened not so long ago.  this person i am supposed to be in a relationship with hanged out somewhere and i was throwing tantrums and was jealous, i think he went out with someone or something like that.  when he came back from the gig, he told me he was sorry and he had something for me so i won't get mad.  oh well, i felt guilty when i woke up naturally.  how could i feel that way and possibly have that kind of relationship with that person in my dream?  i think i know now, but i'm not writing it.